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4529 Carrera 6
Bogotá, Bogotá, 110311

+57 (321) 399 - 0231

Empoderando tendero de escasos recursos para optimizar sus negocios.

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Where We're At

Empoderando tenderos de escasos recursos para optimizar sus negocios.

In October 2014, Agruppa came to life in Colombia with a bootstrapped prototype in Bosa, Bogotá:

  • Delivering potato, tomato and spring onion to 10 Mom-and-Pop shops as well as street vendors;
  • Successfully receiving referred customers thanks to word-of-mouth;
  • Creating 5% discounts compared to food vendors’ current alternative.

Agruppa has restarted small-scale operations in Bogotá in September 2015, aiming to deliver its unique service to 150 Mom-and-Pop shops in low-income neighborhoods by mid-2016. Supplying only these 150 food vendors, Agruppa will indirectly impact up to 15.000 people living in these neighborhoods, while optimizing every step of its service through a close relationship with its customers.

Alonso Giraldo, Agruppa customer

Alonso Giraldo, Agruppa customer