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4529 Carrera 6
Bogotá, Bogotá, 110311

+57 (321) 399 - 0231

Empoderando tendero de escasos recursos para optimizar sus negocios.


What We Do

Empoderando tenderos de escasos recursos para optimizar sus negocios.

Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology to empower small food vendors in low income neighborhoods by providing them with fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices.

Our Market

In Colombia alone, there are an estimated 340.000* Mom-and-Pop shops that sell 70%* of the food consumed in the country. These food vendors play a key role in their communities’ nutrition and food security, especially in low-income neighborhoods where supermarket chains are still rare.

Our Model

Agruppa aggregates demand of Mom-and-Pop shops in a given neighbourhood. By compiling larger quantities, we generate economies of scale, source produce directly from farmers, bring it to our Distribution Outlets in the city and on to our customers’ shops. This way, Agruppa provides small vendors with fresher quality produce at cheaper prices delivered directly to their shop. 

This is how it works:

Why buy from Agruppa?

Mom-and-Pop shops buying from Agruppa…

  • receive produce at better prices

  • and fresher quality

  • while saving time and money otherwise spent on transport to central markets.

Learn more about our social impact here.

Our Technology

Agruppa leverages mobile phone technology already in everyone’s hands. Food vendors can use their mobile phones to place an order with Agruppa – via SMS, App or a call solution. Our aggregation platform then processes their orders and generates a collective order per product, creates customer histories, and calculates fair prices. This is all the data we need to get out on the streets and bring fresher, cheaper produce to Mom-and-Pop shops.

We currently test different mobile-phone based ordering channels with food vendors in Bogotá in order to design and co-create the optimal user-experience for our customers.

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